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It's outside. 

All of it.

Can't fight Mother Nature.

When she turns out the lights, she turns out the lights.


Sunrise to sunset, please.
7 days a week.

The stealth. The silence. Satisfy your inner William Tell on our Archery Range.

Check out the schedule here.


It's a stuffed bird.


With no head.

Did you really think we would charge you for that?

 Getting the wildlife to stay in one spot is crazy wouldn't believe what that stuffed turkey charges us!

Click to see what it costs to keep him around.


Our policies are pretty simple:

  • All directives of the Club Representatives must be followed without question

  • Don't shoot what you shouldn't...always look past your target

  • Leave the range as you found it

​For a complete list of TSC Policies, please click here

We're a nice, easy-going bunch of folks. We do, however, ask a few things of you to ensure the shared enjoyment of our facilities.

Turn over to review....


Contact Gene Cawoski, Range Officer, for any questions related to the operation of the TSC Archery Range:



(412) 372-3820

Need more info?
Looking for a point of contact?

Look here to find an actual human and get your questions answered....

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